CAM Construction is aggressively bidding the renovation and addition to the Chick Webb Recreation Center project and is requesting your firm’s participation. The project consists of the restoration and renovation of the existing building and natatorium and the addition of a new gymnasium and support area.

Site development will consist new paving, rubber surface play area, play structures, hardscape, and landscape features.

MWBOO certified Minority Business Enterprises are encouraged to respond to this solicitation notice. Note – only MWBOO Minority Enterprises can be counted towards the MBE Goal and sub goals

The project has an overall MWBOO MBE participation goal of 27%, inclusive of a 10% Women Business Enterprise sub-goal.

  • We note that it is imperative that all proposed MWBOO MBE’s MUST submit Part B completed with signature 24 hours prior to bid date as this Statement of Intent must be submitted with our bid. Note the % should be left blank to be filled out by CAM as it is based on our total bid value

Prospective bidders are advised this project is subject to Prevailing Wage rates and regulations.

Special Attention is directed to the Following:

  • Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements
  • Division 01 General Requirements
  • MBE Requirements, Forms and Procedures

Major trades include: demolition, sitework, fencing, site furnishings, landscaping, concrete, masonry, steel, waterproofing, roofing, fireproofing, doors and frames, alum storefront, drywall, tile, flooring, painting, specialties, swimming pools, shades structures, window treatment, mechanical, and electrical.