Self Reliance Federal Credit Union

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This project was focused on the construction of a 3,000-square foot structure in the historic Fells Point area in Baltimore City. The first step in the construction was to carefully raze an existing townhouse that sat on this corner site. An extremely small construction area made this a challenging task, and the adjoining building was braced to avoid any negative effects from the demolition.

After demolition was completed, construction began on the ornate structure. Three stories were constructed, and great detail was needed to create Ukranian designs by using different color bricks. These elaborate designs are evident throughout the building, as the entrance is adorned with pre-cast pediment to accentuate the exterior detailing.

Upon entering the structure, one is drawn by the breathtaking marble floor with inlaid patterns and a seven-pointed star. The marble floor leads to an oak reception desk with metal trim applied at foot level. A fireplace provides an eye-pleasing focal point as well as auxiliary heat to the lobby area.

Various offices are located through the hall, past the lobby. On the second floor, there is a full service apartment with a kitchen and a balcony. The second floor also contains the credit union’s conference room. The conference room features valances adorning a cathedral ceiling, custom oak paneling, and bookcases.

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