MTA Police & Automotive Maintenance Facility

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CAM was selected in a Design/Build proposal with a guaranteed max price to develop and construct the 46,000-square foot Administrative and Automotive Shops facility. The two-story administrative area houses 21,150-square feet for the Maryland Transportation Authority, including an exercise room, holding cells, and administrative support areas. The 13,300-square foot Shops facility includes a Vehicle Lube System, Vehicle Lifts, Wash Bays, and an Overhead Crane.

By modifying the limited structural design in the RFP, CAM was able to afford the owner more usable floor area as well as more headroom with the new continuous spread-footing and wall-bearing structural system. Our structural analysis revealed a lack of structural flexibility, so we deleted perimeter columns and beams to alleviate the stress and improve interior space.

Due to the fast-track nature of the contract, the redesigned footings were completed during the design phase of the project, and the steel fabrication proceeded to maintain the tight completion schedule. Numerous finish enhancements were also added to the project during design; no additional costs were added to the contract as a result of these changes.

In addition, CAM moved the entire Bay Bridge surveillance and communication system from one building to the new Police and Automotive Facility. The Control Room consisted of running new fiber optics, data lines, video communications, monitoring, and the state police “MILES” system. This transition was completed flawlessly, without any interruption of use.

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