Italian Sensations

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This project consisted a tenant fit-out of a 3,000-sq. foot space at the Green Briar Plaza.

This empty space was transformed into an exciting Italian eatery with strong red and green accents.

Upon entering Italian Sensations, your attention is drawn to the extensive use of architectural drywall bulkheads with interesting built-ins. Over the eating area is an interesting, stepped bulkhead in the shape of an octagon. The bulkhead over the counter features hand-brushed, stenciled paneling.

The counter is composed of a rich black Corian counter with a stainless steel display. The countertop also features a brilliant display of architectural overlapping copper plates. This counter encircles the full service commercial kitchen responsible for the fine Italian delicacies.

The centerpiece of the eating area is a series of circular, cone-shaped benches that were fabricated out of hardwood veneer in the field. These benches also feature wainscoting and ceramic tile border accents.

Throughout the facility is architectural and drop-down lighting over a patterned ceramic tile floor.

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